Vic Govt. funds energy management & renewables

The Victorian government has announced significant funding to help businesses improve energy management, increase renewables uptake, and reduce their energy costs

In recent weeks the Victorian Government has made several Budget announcements for 2020/21, including investing an unprecedented $1.6 billion to create renewable energy hubs, improve grid infrastructure, decarbonise the energy system, improve the energy productivity and energy efficiency of businesses, and support solar system uptake. This puts clean energy at the forefront of the state’s economic recovery post COVID-19.

Within the Budget, $129 million has been set aside to support businesses and community groups better manage their energy use, including:

  • A $31 million co-investment fund for large energy users to transform the way they use energy
  • $9 million for Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) incentives targeted at small businesses
  • $38 million for 15,000 solar rebates for businesses
  • A $30 million top up for the Agriculture Energy Investment Plan to support Victorian farmers
  • $21 million for climate change community action, which includes funding for energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy system installation.

How can Point Advisory help?

Further details about the funding programs will be released in the coming months, and Point Advisory is keeping our ears to the ground for any subsequent announcements. If any of the above interests you, please get in touch and we will update you as soon as we know anything further.  

We have significant experience in delivering energy management and renewable energy support for businesses in Victoria. Our team of experts can help you identify energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, assist with the implementation of these opportunities, provide support in accessing VEU program funding, and help develop an effective Energy Management System compliant with international standards. Our team is made up of Certified Monitoring and Verification Professionals (CMVP), Certified Energy Efficiency Specialists (CEES) and Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng).

For further information please contact George Wang or Ross Tunmer.