The AMCA Welcomes Point Advisory

The AMCA Welcomes Point Advisory

On 17th March 2015, the AMCA (Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association) welcomed Point Advisory on board as a new industry member.

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Who is AMCA?

The Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) is a nation wide trade association serving companies that operate in the commercial/industrial sector of the industry. AMCA has been serving the industry and its members since 1961.

Like all trade and employer associations, the AMCA exists to serve its members.

AMCA acts as the industry’s voice in dealing with governments at all levels, other construction and service industry groups and the unions.

AMCA is the only industry and employer association that is exclusively dedicated to the air conditioning and mechanical services industry.

Since inception, AMCA’s objectives have been to promote and protect the interests and welfare of the air conditioning and mechanical services industry, its members, and the public they serve.

Members of the AMCA design, install and provide ongoing service of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems. Our members have:

  • years of experience in the industry
  • a proven record of achievement in the installation of commercial and industrial plant
  • worked on the most complex projects in Australia

The air conditioning and mechanical services industry is diverse, complex and at the cutting edge of environmental and energy efficiency issues. Our members collectively are responsible for:

  • $1.2 billion in value of new plant installed annually
  • $500m equipment service and maintenance work
  • The employment of some 8,000 people

AMCA has a ‘membership value’ proposition that members, in which every state they reside, we endeavour to provide a uniform standard of service. Our proposition is:

As a member of the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association your company will be part of a specialist Association that is directed by the needs of its members who are engaged in the building services industry. The Association is committeed to improving the commercial conditions of its members and providing them with the tools and resources to operate efficiently and profitably while meeting all of its regulatory and community responsibilities.

All members will have access to services that include:

  • industry specific training courses
  • workplace health and safety
  • human resource management support
  • industry publications
  • market intelligence
  • careers advice and information
  • contract guidance
  • regular newsletters

Industry Specific Training

Industry specific training is available to members and other industry personnel. For details of training available select the training tab from the home page.

Workplace Health and Safety

Change is a constant feature of the WHS situation over recent years and more responsibility is being placed onto employes. Recent amendments to the WHS and workers compensation legislation mean that there is a direct link between the performance on the job and the WorkCover premium that is paid. By improving your safety record, direct cost savings can be achieved. There is a big incentive for employers to get it right in WHS. AMCA is able to assist.

The AMCA ‘hands on’ service can positively assist members. Through its quarterly workplace safety incidence survey, members are able to evaluate the performance of their business against the industry average.

Human Resource Management Support

AMCA members bring the skills of their people to projects. Managing these people and allowing them to develop to their full potential is an important responsibility for management. AMCA has a range of people to advise and assist our members. These people are supported by a suite of industry specific publications.

Industry Publications

Each AMCA state organisation has developed publications which are useful and helpful to members in running their business.

For details of the publications available in each state contact should be made with the state office.

Market Intelligence

Having the correct statistical information at your fingertips is important for business planning, AMCA is able to help members with a range of important statistical information that is not available through any other source. This information is regularly circulated to members.

Careers in Air Conditioning

Bringing talented young people into the industry and training them is critical for the industry’s future. AMCA actively promotes apprenticeships and other training options through the dissemination of career information and promotes the industry and its opportunities at a range of career promotion events.

Contract Guidance

Through our relationship with a range of legal advisers, members have access to specialised knowledge on legal and contractual matters from the point of view of the specialist contractor.

When companies prepare their own documentation ‘on the run’ or sign up to a builders’ conditions, problems often occur. AMCA assists members in their day to day business operations through the provision of standard documentation and forms. The AMCA documentation prevents many disputes from occurring.

Regular Newsletters

Keeping members and the broader industry up to date with the latest trends and information is a function that we regard highly. To ensure that our members are up to date and hear the information first hand, AMCA conducts regular briefing functions by key people and organisations and distributes a range of newsletters and e-bulletins.

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