Sustenance webinars

When the COVID crisis hit, we quickly realised that it was going to be a disconnecting experience for a lot of people. As a team, we enjoyed the ritual of heading in to the office and being around each other:  the friendly banter during coffee breaks, solving the world’s problems over lunch with colleagues, or simply being able to turn around and get a second opinion on some project-related matter. We knew we’d miss that, and we assumed many of our clients and friends would too.

So, we quickly mobilised and set up a weekly webinar series which we called ‘Sustenance’. These webinars would be informal, and as interactive as possible. They’d usually be at lunch time, where people could casually munch on a sandwich while they listened in. And, they’d be on a wide variety of topics – providing opportunities for everyone in the Point Advisory team to curate their own session.

We’re pleased to say that these webinars have been a big success. We’ve hosted 12 webinars so far on topics ranging from modern slavery through to circular economy, ‘building back better’, positive climate communication and energy management. And we’ve had hundreds of unique people attend these events, including many regulars.

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re now revving up more Sustenance webinars. The format will stay the same, but in recognition of the ‘webinar fatigue’ we know many people are feeling, we’ll be winding the frequency back to monthly instead of weekly.

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