Sustainable Finance

After several years delivering work for the financial services sector, Point Advisory is delighted to announce that we have formalised our Sustainability Finance service line.

With annual financing and investment needed estimated as $5 to $7 trillion to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), companies and financial services sector participants need to be actively engaged in the sustainable finance agenda, understand investment risks and opportunities.

Our understanding of sustainability and finance, and the plethora of frameworks available in the sector, help us to support our clients in meeting their sustainable (climate, green and social) finance and responsible investment objectives.

We work with organisations on a range of sustainable finance focus areas.

  • Sustainable Finance strategy
  • Responsible Investment policy
  • Implementing ‘ESG’ and Responsible Investment
  • Impact investing services
  • Verification and third-party opinions
  • ESG due diligence support
  • Training in ESG and Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainable Finance Reporting

“Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment has been a focus at Point Advisory for many years now. Green and sustainable financing is becoming increasingly prevalent in the Australian debt market, and responsible investing continues to outgrow and outperform ‘mainstream’ investing. Due to the growing demand for our services in the sector and an increase of opportunities for investors we are very happy to be officially offering it as a dedicated service line.”

Alan Dayeh Managing Principal, NSW| Point Advisory Contact us today about your sustainable finance journey.

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