To address Target 8.7 of the SDGs, legislation designed to help combat modern slavery and human trafficking has emerged in Australia and other international jurisdictions. We help our clients better understand the issue of modern slavery and meet their compliance obligations under the Australian Modern Slavery Act’s Reporting Requirement.

We also help clients with implementing an approach to Modern Slavery that integrated into their existing operations and supply chain management practices. Below is a range of services we deliver for clients to help improve their approach to the issue of modern slavery.

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Modern Slavery, the ‘Trojan Horse’ for Business and Human Rights

Alan Dayeh, Managing Principal for NSW who oversees our Modern Slavery and Human Rights services likens the topic of modern slavery as the ‘Trojan Horse’ for Business and Human Rights. However, unlike the destructive outcome of the Trojan War, he talks about how the topic of modern slavery is the entry point or the ‘thin part of a wedge’ to a broader focus on human rights across the business.

Additional insight in this article, includes what Sustainability Managers, Procurement Managers and Company Directors need to understand when it comes to complying with Australia’s Modern Slavery Act.

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