These developments have highlighted the fragility of existing measures for ‘closing the loop’ on our otherwise linear economy.

As recyclable material continues to be stockpiled and sent to landfill, the public and private sectors are looking for new approaches for fostering a more circular economy. To assist, our team of sustainability professionals offer the following services

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Circular economy opportunities anyalysis for the Victorian Government.

Victoria’s waste management and resource recovery systems are under significant strain. There is a clear and urgent need for Victoria to begin its transition towards a circular economy, and to do this we need to nurture the market for recycled materials. The Victorian government, through its procurement of infrastructure, goods and services, can support the recycling sector and help Victoria to transition towards a circular economy and realise the full value of recovered resources

Read more detail of this case study, written by Ben Sichlau, Principal at Point Advisory.

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Solving Victoria’s waste problem – is all recycling created equal?

Recent international restrictions on the import of waste materials have left Victoria’s (already stretched) resource recovery industry reeling. Stockpiles across the state, of otherwise recyclable material, continue to grow rapidly. And, so too does the fire risk. Following the 2017 fire at the Coolaroo recycling plant, EPA Victoria upped its scrutiny and began shutting down such plants until high-risk stockpiles could be addressed (which, in at least one case, meant sending hundreds of thousands of tonnes material to landfill). In light of this, Victoria’s intended transition to a circular economy looks… challenging.

Fortunately, there are a number of promising developments...

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Ben Sichlau
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