Sujata Karandikar to our Melbourne team

Sujata is a Senior Manager in Point Advisory’s Melbourne office, with a focus on sustainable procurement and social impact.

Prior to joining Point Advisory, Sujata worked at Origin Energy as Social Responsibility manager within procurement where she designed and managed Origin’s responsible procurement program and supplier diversity program.

Sujata has over 10 years of experience in in-house sustainable procurement, supplier diversity and local economic development roles across a range of sectors, including mining (Rio Tinto, Anglo American), energy (Origin Energy), property (Mirvac) and retail (David Jones). She consulted on projects within utilities, agriculture, and healthcare, as well as local and state government. Her experience working within procurement across a broad range of industries means that she has a keen understanding of both broader ESG materiality and supply chain specific risks across a range of industry sectors.

She also has a background in procurement process improvement and data analytics and reporting roles, and as such, understands the importance of ensuring that social, environmental and ethical considerations are embedded into the procurement process to create long term, sustainable change.

Sujata has a keen interest in technology and the start-up space, having previously co-founded a tech startup after raising seed capital, and is an alumni member of Springboard Enterprises, a network of high growth female startup founders. She believes technology has an important role to in addressing the complex social and environmental issues we face globally and is often scanning the market for new and innovative solutions.

Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, baking, travel and hiking.

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