Point Advisory welcomes Sophie Appleton

The Point Advisory team is pleased to announce that Sophie Appleton has joined us as a Consultant.

Prior to working at Point Advisory Sophie spent two years as the Environmental Advisor for a construction company in New Zealand, where she integrated an environmental sustainability culture into the organisation and helped produce some of Auckland’s top-environmentally-performing earthworks sites. As part of her role, she worked across environmental management, compliance, environmental design, sustainable land management and stakeholder engagement.

Sophie’s passion for sustainability stems from her background in earth science and chemistry. She enjoys using her understanding of earth’s complex systems to provide targeted, sustainable solutions for organisations. As an advocate for education and community engagement around sustainability, Sophie recently organised and MC’d a joint documentary screening, panel discussion and fundraising event on the Circular Economy in Melbourne, which inspired and empowered the community to close the loop in their own lives and organisations.

Sophie has a particular interest in the areas of Circular Economy and Sustainable Health & Wellbeing.

Outside of work, Sophie can be found writing blog posts for her website, exercising and leading a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.