Welcome Rachel Taylor to our Sydney team

Rachel is a consultant at the Point Advisory Sydney office, focusing on climate change adaptation, strategy and risk.

Rachel’s background is in Earth and climate sciences, with First-Class Honours from the Australian National University. She has previously worked in a research role modelling and assessing the future impact of heatwaves on vulnerable communities in the Sydney region. Her love of consulting stems from consulting projects she undertook as part of her university studies, one of which saw her working with a new 6-Star Green Star precinct in Canberra and resulted in a change to the energy supply legislation in the ACT. Rachel enjoys the challenge of employing her technical skills to provide innovative, sustainable solutions while building trust-based relationships and understanding the values of her client.

Rachel’s honours project involved creating a model for long-lead prediction of fire season severity and assessing how the meteorological drivers of fire season severity are changing with climate change. This project and her subsequent research work brought her experience in research, modelling, machine learning, and R programming language. She enjoys combining her technical skills, knowledge in climate science and sustainability and project management and communication skills to add value to clients and have a tangible impact on the global future.

Beyond her work, Rachel enjoys hiking, training in aerial circus, baking and creating typographic art.