Dean Thomson to our Melbourne team

Dean is a Senior Manager at the Point Advisory Melbourne office, with a focus on climate change and environment.

Dean has over fifteen years’ experience working on environmental and climate change issues across government, private and non-profit sectors. Prior to joining Point Advisory, Dean worked at World Vision Australia, developing community-based climate change programs. His work focused on certification and commercialisation of reforestation and energy efficiency carbon offset projects in Africa and Peru and development of their Environment Policy.

Dean was previously a consultant at GHD and Net Balance, where he advised organisations on the development of carbon footprints and mitigation strategies, conducted NGER audits and climate risk assessments.  He also worked in the Australian Governments National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Team where he supported the production of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory and development of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Measurement Determination.

Dean also volunteers for the Gold Standard Land Use Technical Advisory Committee where he provides advice on the development of new methodologies, projects and standards to measure climate and sustainable development impacts.

Dean holds a PhD in Applied Science from the University of Tasmania and a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University. Dean’s PhD thesis investigated the role Huon Estuary sediments play in regulating carbon and nitrogen cycles and the impact organic carbon pollution has on them.

Outside of work, Dean enjoys learning to play the guitar, listening to music, bush walking and cooking exotic cuisines.

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