Point Bundle launch


low carbon finance & project advisory services

Point Advisory is proud to announce that we have launched a new brand, Point Bundle (or Bundle for short) into the marketplace.

Bundle specialises in low carbon finance, offsets and project advisory services, both here in Australia and across South East Asia.

Bundle’s core services will include:

  • Low Carbon Finance such as Managed Service Agreements (MSAs), Upgrade Agreements, Rental Agreements and Offtake Agreements (PPAs)
  • Carbon Offseting for programs such as NCOS (National Carbon Offset Standard) including project selection, brokerage services and retirement.
  • Advisory Services including commercial Project Origination, Project Evaluation and commercialisation.

For more information on Bundle please visit the new website.

New finance offering / battery storage systems

As part of the launch, Bundle is also offering a new battery storage finance product that can be bundled with solar PV systems. Project finance is available from $500k and up $25m with finance terms typically ranging from 5-7 years depending on your specific circumstances. For more information on this or to find out how it works please contact us.

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