.Joule virtual energy manager service

We know from experience that many businesses are worried about energy costs and want to improve their energy performance, but don’t know where to begin. Often, these businesses can’t justify the cost of employing a dedicated energy manager either. As a result, cost savings and energy reduction opportunities go untapped.

Our new .Joule service helps overcome these issues by giving our clients access to our full suite of skills and resources to act as a virtual energy manager. For a modest monthly subscription, you can use our team to help you identify, unlock and implement energy savings opportunities in your business. This might involve anything from assisting in finding cheaper energy tariffs through to providing implementation support for energy efficiency projects.

At the core of .Joule is a data monitoring platform that enables us to see your energy consumption remotely, in real time. We regularly monitor and analyse this data to identify opportunities, and to see the impacts of your previous energy projects and verify that they’re performing to expectations.

Joule is designed to be a flexible service, with a package to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, across all sectors.

For further information, visit the .Joule website or contact Charlie Knaggs or Ross Tunmer