Our 2020 growth & property sector trends in 2021

The Fifth Estate interviewed our NSW Managing Principal, Alan Dayeh who discussed our growth in 2020 (more here at our CEO Message from Neil Salisbury) and our views on key trends for the property sector in 2021.  

Alan’s key points and quotes include: 

  • We are observing more action from the investment sector, with reporting on climate risk now serious business. “The rubber is hitting the road in terms of companies starting to understand what the business risks are or how they may evolve.” 
  • We expect property leaders to keep pushing into the tenant space, helping them to manage their emissions profiles. 
  • Momentum on science-based Net Zero emissions pathways will continue as well as a focus on improving the climate resilience of assets. (more on our climate change services here
  • On the energy side, microgrids, virtual power plants and other community scale renewable energy infrastructure is becoming more mainstream. (more on our energy services here
  • Our workload social sustainability is also increasing, with reporting across modern slavery legislation driving a more sophisticated approach to human rights and responsible sourcing in general. (more on our responsible sourcing services here
  • The “Juukan Gorge cave destruction was a wake-up call for all businesses. Companies need to do better to understand the impact on Aboriginal heritage.” And not just mining companies “Property companies too need to become more sensitive and mindful about Indigenous rights, especially when developing greenfield sites.” (more on our human rights services here
  • Point Advisory is looking to grow and “always looking for good quality people interested in joining a values-led organisation”. (see more about us here

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