John Finisdore joins our Melbourne office

John joins Point Advisory’s Melbourne office as Senior Manager, Natural Capital team. 

John brings his 20 years of experience helping organisations maximize returns from natural capital. He led the World Resources Institute’s Business & Ecosystem Services Project where he co-authored The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review and contributed to The Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation and TEEB for Business and Enterprise

As a private consultant, he assisted over 50 Fortune-500 calibre firms improve management of their risks and opportunities related to freshwater, land, coastal wetlands and oceans. 

His current work includes considering how analysis of any one risk can be integrated into corporate wide data, risk management and ESG systems. With this desire to bring concepts from financial accounting into the natural capital realm, he co-authored The Biological Diversity Protocol. It is the only corporate guidance for double-entry-bookkeeping-based natural capital accounting. As part of this integration, he works the Capitals Coalition, SBTN, TNFD and CDSB to drive nature positive outcomes.   

John lives in Melbourne with his wife and two children. When they are not exploring the region’s hidden nooks, he’s either swimming or getting emotional about where tennis balls land. 

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