Jessica Boekhoff joins Point Advisory in Melbourne

Jessica is a manager at Point Advisory’s Melbourne office, with a focus on climate change and carbon management.

Jessica has over five years’ experience as an environmental professional providing sustainability support for organisations, infrastructure projects, urban developments and government. Prior to joining Point Advisory, Jessica worked with AECOM in the UK as a sustainability consultant providing services focussing on sustainability frameworks, carbon management and climate change. She has a keen interest in supporting organisations to understand their impact on the environment and how to embed processes to manage and mitigate this.

Jessica is particularly interested in carbon management and has developed several quantitative tools and carbon management strategies to help organisations to understand and mitigate their impact on climate change. She’s conducted numerous climate change assessments on proposed infrastructure developments including airports, rail, roads and urban regeneration to evaluate their carbon footprint, resilience to projected climate change and in-combination climate change impact on surrounding environment and communities.

She has experience developing sustainability strategies for developers and government bodies to better integrate sustainability throughout their operations, governance and supply chain. She provided embedded sustainability support to a developer managing the regeneration of a central-London industrial site into a mixed-use development ensuring that sustainability was at the forefront of design, construction and operations to provide the right outcomes for the community and environment.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science from Guelph University and a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Management from Niagara College in Canada. Outside of work, you can find Jessica exploring food markets, going on day hikes, or sewing her own clothes.

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