Australia’s energy crisis

Insights from our latest event: Australia’s energy crisis: could energy productivity be the knight in shining armour?

In December, Point Advisory hosted an event to discuss the role of the demand side in helping Australia deal with its ‘energy trilemma’. The event was a lighthearted take on a serious issue, and our three speakers covered some interesting technologies and policy solutions.

First up was Rob Murray-Leach, who managed to weave in several amazing fairy tale analogies to his presentation about the current policy and regulatory landscape – including Audrey Zibelman from AEMO as the Fairy Godmother. We won’t repeat who the Wicked Witch of the West was…

Then Tom Ray from CIM Enviro talked about new technologies in the building fault detection and optimization space. He also drew some interesting comparisons between the energy and water sectors, based on his time at Thames Water in the UK.

Finally, Bruce Thompson from GreenSync spoke about the vast opportunities for more proactive management of the demand side of the market through technologies like demand response, and some of the barriers to achieving these.

Thanks to all our speakers and attendees for a genuinely entertaining and informative evening!

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