Event: All energy Australia 2016

Come and join us on 4th October at All Energy Australia 2016 (Melbourne) and hear all about the building blocks of energy efficiency from the Energy Efficiency Council and an expert panel of speakers (including our managing director, Neil Salisbury.

Tittle: The building blocks of energy efficiency

Host: Energy Efficiency Council

Stream: Energy efficiency in the commercial sector

Time/Date: 1.20 – 2.40pm, 4th October

Location: Room 213, All Energy Australia, Melbourne Exhibition & Conference Centre, Melbourne.

Hosted by the Energy Efficiency Council, this session will give energy managers and efficiency professionals a primer on two of the key building blocks of successful energy efficiency projects – energy auditing and measurement and verification. Some of Australia’s leading experts will provide examples of how to use these vital components to achieve real world results, delivering significant and measurable energy savings benefits.

The session will be chaired by Luke Menzel, Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Efficiency Council, an expert on energy efficiency capacity building and financing.

Building Block 1: Energy Auditing

Dr Paul Bannister, Manager Projects and Advisory Services Division, Energy Action

Building Block 2: Measurement & Verification

Neil Salisbury, Managing Director, Point Advisory, Director, Efficiency Valuation Organisation

Practical Case Examples: Real Word Results

Steve McCaffrey, Energy Specialist at Honeywell Energy Solutions and Certified Energy Efficiency Leader.

Point Advisory is a proud member and supporter of the Energy Efficiency Council