Ester Adler

Manager, Climate Change & Sustainability

Sarah Beattie-Smith

Manager, Strategy & Engagement

Christophe Brulliard

Principal, Economics & Climate Change

Jessica Boekhoff

Manager, Climate Change

Emily Dafter

Senior Consultant, Human Rights

Alan Dayeh

Managing Principal, NSW

Simon Dawes

Senior Manager, Climate Change

Adelaide Degain

Consultant, Climate Change

Christopher Dixon

Consultant, Climate Change

John Finisdore

Senior Manager, Natural Capital

Alice Duong

Project Officer, NatureCo

James Fryer

Senior Consultant, Sustainability

Shelley Goldsmith

Office Manager

Mark Graeme

Senior Manager, Climate Change

Jordan Groeneveld

Senior Manager, Climate Change & Risk

Nina Greig-Towers

Marketing and Relationship Manager

Emma Hawkins

Manager, Climate Change & Energy

Annabel Hart

Principal, Human Rights, Strategy and Risk

Nina Haysler

Manager, Human Rights

Katy Horan

Senior Consultant, Climate Change and Sustainability

Sujata Karandikar

Senior Manager, Sustainable Procurement & Social Impact

Charlie Knaggs

Managing Principal, Victoria

Sue Lacey

Principal, Climate Change & Energy

Grattan MacGriffn

Senior Manager, Carbon Markets

Brett McKay

Senior Manager, Climate Change

Lachie McLean

Manager, Climate Change and Energy

Lou Opie

General Manager of Operations

Hai Xia Wang-Pole

Consultant, Strategy & Risk

 Michelle Wilson

Manager, Climate Change & Sustainability

Caoilinn Murphy

Associate Principal, Climate Change & Energy

Naresh Rao

Consultant, Energy & Climate Change

Ben Sichlau

Principal, Climate Change and Environment

Angus Shields

Consultant, Climate Change

Lucy Stevenson

Manager, Climate Change & Strategy

Junyan Tan

Manager, Climate Change & Sustainability

Dean Thomson

Senior Manager, Energy & Climate Change

Ross Tunmer

Senior Manager, Energy

Amelie Uhrig

Senior Consultant, Climate Change & Environment

Jesse Zwerling

Senior Consultant, Climate Change

Neil Salisbury

CEO / Managing Director

Nathan Dale

CFO / Executive Director