Point Advisory, an ERM Group company
A leading sustainability services firm

Our vision is to be a trusted advisor to governments, businesses and other purpose driven organisations, as we accelerate the transition to a safer planet and more equitable world.

What we do: We help our clients apply sustainability in their thinking and decisions - providing innovative, elegant and effective solutions that embed sustainability principles into their strategies and operations.

How we do this: We seek to truly understand our clients' perspectives, and we work collaboratively to find solutions to their most material sustainability challenges in a way that adds value to their business while accelerating the transition to a safer planet and more equitable world.

We recognise that many of these sustainability challenges require a multi-disciplinary approach which is why our team includes engineers, scientists, sociologists, economists and entrepreneurs who combine deep technical knowledge with strategic acumen to work across the full spectrum of the sustainability agenda – from climate change, energy and environmental management through to sustainability strategy, reporting, governance and human rights.

Our culture sets us apart...

..and our values support our culture

  • Pioneering – We foster growth by pushing the boundaries to expand our horizons
  • Passionate – We are passionate about sustainability and put our hearts into what we do
  • Kind – We show respect, we are inclusive of all people and we display tact in our interactions
  • Fun – We have fun along the way to make the journey more enjoyable and memorable
  • Collaborative – We work together with knowledge and intent to meet and exceed objectives
  • Dependable – We can be relied upon by each other, and by our clients

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