New suite of NCOS standards released

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A new suite of NCOS Standards released

The Department of Environment and Energy’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) is a voluntary standard that allows responsible entities to achieve carbon neutrality for their organisations, precincts, buildings, products, services and events by reducing and then offsetting their associated emissions.

Point Advisory worked with the federal Department of the Environment and Energy to help develop the recently released National Carbon Offset Standard for Precincts, Buildings and Organisations. As part of this engagement, we actively consulted with stakeholders and experts across the industries to gain an insight into building the most robust and credible pathways for certification, while also reducing barriers for the entry of new NCOS participants. One of the major outcomes of this process was changing the level of assurance from reasonable to limited; reducing the audit burden, and potentially, the audit costs, for NCOS participants.

The suite of NCOS Standards

If you require assistance with developing an NCOS compliant emissions inventory or require assurance for an audit under the NCOS, please contact us.


Department of the Environment and Energy