Local government energy saver program

Case Study

2020, Local Government Energy Saver Program Final Evaluation, Sustainability Victoria (Point Advisory in collaboration with FPC)

The Local Government Energy Saver program (LGES) was funded by the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund and delivered by Sustainability Victoria (SV) between 2017 and 2020. The program assisted resource-constrained local governments in regional and rural Victoria to understand their greenhouse gas emissions profiles, implement actions to reduce their emissions and operating costs, and build the capacity of council staff. First Person Consulting, in collaboration with Point Advisory, worked with SV to conduct a final evaluation for the LGES program. This involved developing an evaluation framework, conducting in-depth interviews with council staff and program stakeholders, and analysing a range of existing data to demonstrate the environmental, social and economic outcomes of the program. A comprehensive evaluation report has been provided to SV and the Sustainability Fund, and will inform future program development in this area.

Sustainability Victoria

Melbourne, VIC, Australia