Infrastructure sustainability case study

Case Study

Point Advisory have worked with a consortium of organisations on a large, multi-site infrastructure project.  Our role was to assist the consortium in achieving a broad range of sustainability targets, including aspirations of a ‘leading’ ISCA rating.  Our work was undertaken in three phases:

Foundations for performance

  • Detailed analysis of each ISCA credit and mapping to relevant disciplines within the consortium (across engineering, design, architecture, planning, procurement and stakeholder engagement).
  • Undertaking cross-discipline workshops to explore and articulate the risks, difficulties and opportunities for each credit.  This process helped embed sustainability into the early phases of design and enabled the identification of higher risk focus areas for subsequent works.

Coordination efforts

  • Leveraging the consortium’s broad expertise in developing innovative approaches to infrastructure sustainability.
  • Coordination, tracking and multi-criteria prioritisation of over 100 individual sustainability initiatives, ensuring foundations for evidencing ISCA credits are established early in the project.
  • Preparation of materials, water and emissions inventories to inform decisions impacting performance in these credit categories.
  • Cross-referencing each initiative against relevant ISCA credits and gauging points potential.

Roadmap development

  • Articulation of the specific initiatives required to achieve high-level ‘excellent’ ISCA rating, incorporating a safety buffer.
  • Identification of costed pathways for the project to transition from an ‘excellent’ to a ‘leading’ ISCA rating.
  • Consolidation of these approaches into a strategy and approach document.
  • Development of an integrated ISCA application management system that supports the ongoing evolution of each of the above activities.