Developing a carbon neutral strategy for Infrabuild

Case Study

Infrabuild is a subsidiary of the GFG Alliance, one of the world’s largest steelmakers. The GFG Alliance has set a target for its entire corporate group to be carbon neutral by 2030. Infrabuild engaged Point Advisory to develop a net zero / carbon neutral pathway for the business, setting out an ‘optimal route’ for Infrabuild’s Newcastle Wire Mill to achieve the 2030 carbon neutral target. The work involved:

  • the development of a detailed greenhouse gas emissions inventory, enabling us to understand the site’s emissions profile
  • modelling the ‘business as usual’ emissions trajectory, so we could understand the emissions reduction ‘task’ in 2030
  • undertaking a detailed analysis of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities across the Newcastle facility, including technical and financial analysis of the achievability of these options
  • facilitating a workshop with operational and executive staff to determine which of these opportunities should be included in the ‘optimal pathway’.

At the conclusion of the project, we delivered the client a user-friendly, interactive net zero pathways tool and a net zero plan to enable the site to achieve the 2030 carbon neutral target.

This work was generously funded by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.


Scope / Services:
Developing a carbon neutral strategy
Delivering an interactive carbon neutral pathways tool