Sustainability Victoria carbon accounting course

Case Study


Sustainability Victoria (SV) identified a gap in the capacity of local government staff in carbon accounting and management. This was perceived as a barrier in realising potentially significant emissions and cost savings for these organisations. To address this gap, Point Advisory was engaged to design and deliver an ‘Organisational Carbon Accounting for Local Governments’ training course. The course’s objective was to provide specialised and relevant training services to local government staff to increase their skills and knowledge on how to report on their organisational greenhouse gas inventories and use the outcomes for strategic business planning and regular tracking of emissions over time.

Point Advisory delivered the course using a blended approach, including an online training platform with a Learner Guide, quizzes and a discussion forum, three live webinars and three face-to-face sessions. This enabled council staff from across metropolitan and regional Victoria to participate.

Throughout the course, Point Advisory worked closely with council staff to assist them in gathering and analysing their emissions data, setting up their carbon inventories, and calculating emissions as well as resolving specific queries and concerns.

A total of 43 people enrolled in the course, of which 26 were awarded a Statement of Attainment for successfully completing it. Overall the course received very positive feedback from participants, achieving a net promoter score of 9 out of 10. All participants agreed that the course had increased their knowledge of carbon accounting and management, and that they are willing to continue to develop and maintain their organisational carbon inventories.

If you would like to find out more on how Point Advisory can assist your organisation in developing a carbon inventory and undertaking strategic planning, including modelling emissions projections, please contact Brett McKay.

Sustainability Victoria

Melbourne, VIC, Australia