2020 Carbon action plan

Case Study

Point Advisory was commissioned to review Bayside City Councils 2020 Carbon Action Plan.

Bayside City Council developed its first Greenhouse Action Plan in 2004, later setting a target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020.  The intention is to achieve this target through a hierarchical mix of measures with energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, then using carbon offsets.

With five years to go to 2020, Point Advisory was commissioned to take stock of progress to date and recommend actions to inform the council’s strategy to 2020.

This included a comprehensive review of remaining carbon reduction opportunities, of “scope 3” (indirect) emissions and of the current state of the offset market.

Point Advisory structured future mitigation actions into a multiple pathways’ plan to carbon neutrality so that Bayside City Council can retain flexibility in managing its carbon neutrality commitment.

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