Australian Red Cross – Volunteering

In May this year, Point Advisory team members had the pleasure of volunteering with the Australian Red Cross. Under the instructions of Red Cross staff, we spent several hours knitting Trauma Teddies.

Sensory toys, in our case Teddies, can be helpful to provide comfort to children under emotional stress or pain. The Trauma Teddy story started in 1990 and since then, Australian Red Cross has been distributing 1 million Trauma Teddies to children that have or are currently experiencing traumas or illness. Teddies are given out to people that are for instance affected by fire, floods and other disasters. All teddies are knitted by volunteers.

The Teddy will be hugged, squeezed and chewed by a child that is distressed or in pain, therefore only a safe and strong Teddy can become an official Red Cross Trauma Teddy. Every knitted Trauma Teddy has to follow the Red Cross standards and pass a quality control by a local Red Cross coordinator. You can see the result of our hard work below.

For more information go to the Trauma Teddy knitters community.

Since 2016, Point Advisory has proudly been a BCorp organisation. We are committed to going beyond ‘business as usual’ practice in social and environmental performance, and strive to use our work as a force for good. Regular volunteering with organisations that share our values and objectives is a key part of our BCorp commitments.