Alexis Demetrious thoughts on Point Advisory

“I am really happy that I get to work with a talented and innovative group of people, who have a passion for sustainability and making the world a better place. My favourite thing about my work is that it is based on science. I recently finished writing my master thesis researching environmental impacts from waste using life cycle assessment. The process of learning something in so much detail and for so long means that you become a bit of a fanatic! So, I’m really enjoying applying life cycle assessment and life cycle thinking to my work. I’m lucky to be exposed to new areas through the team’s wide breath of skills that covers environmental economics, renewable energy systems, and building computation tools for clients! Through climate change and energy projects, I’ve learnt so much on environmental policy and its market applications. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2018 brings for sustainability in Australia!”.

Alexis joined Point Advisory as a Senior Consultant in July 2017. Previously she worked as an engineer at Australian Paper, a consultant at Edge Environment, and has recently written a master thesis about waste management at RMIT University.