$35,000 worth of energy coaching (NSW businesses)

A new NSW Government initiative, developed with support from Point Advisory, is giving NSW businesses access to up to $35,000 in funding for ‘energy coaching’ services. An energy coach is an expert who gives you a personalised assessment of your energy usage and energy management systems. This analysis can help you identify and triage problems and target your next strategic energy investments.

There’s something on offer for everyone, with the program divided into three tiers:

  • Small energy users (under $30,000 annual energy spend)
  • Medium energy users (over $30,000 annual energy spend)
  • High energy users, which are businesses with either:
    • over $500,000 annual energy spend in the mining sector, agriculture sector, or select manufacturing sub-sectors; OR
    • annual energy usage above 3,000 MWh in ANY manufacturing sub-sector.

For large energy users, the grant is delivered on an 80:20 basis, meaning if you put up $8,750 DPIE will contribute $35,000 (totaling $43,750 worth of work). Point Advisory has been appointed as one of only four approved energy coaches in this category and we are already seeing widespread interest from clients.

For more information about energy management and the program please attend our upcoming webinar on the 2nd of April at noon. Alternatively, please contact Ross Tunmer directly.

You can find more information about the energy coaching program here.