2021 Promotions

As a consulting firm, Point Advisory’s main asset is our people. We’re committed to developing and growing our team by providing a rewarding career paths, and enjoyable culture and strong professional development opportunities. Which is why we’re always so happy and proud to be able to announce promotions of our team members .

This year, the following team members have been promoted:

Caoilinn Murphy promoted to Associate Principal in recognition of her incredible attention to detail and client service in the climate change arena.

Brett McKay promoted to Senior Manager in recognitionofhis technical prowess in carbon and energy modelling and general project management awesomeness.

Amelie Uhrig promoted to Senior Consultant in recognition of the quality of her work and project management skills across a diverse range of climate change and sustainability projects.

Katy Horan promoted to Senior Consultant in recognition of her diligence, hard work and technical prowess on projects from across the sustainability agenda.

A big congratulations team!

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